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describe the imageMontana Court Collections

Tired of feeling burried by the time-pay processing duties for fines in your court offices? If so, then our AUTOPAY program is what you are looking for.

AUTOPAY is a time-pay program for consumers who need to pay a ticket or other fine in installments to the court. These time-pay accounts are a drag on court resource in a time when virtually every court in Montana is being asked to downsize personnel. There are two ways in which time-pay accounts take a significant amount of time and effort that could be directed to more critical clerk activities:

Walk in payments must be greeted and processed by a live court employee.

Payments that are received must be posted to the payers account.

The AUTOPAY program is designed to take both tasks out of the court employee’s daily duties. Customers pay at one of our 3 walk-in locations across Montana, or they can mail their payments directly to us. This frees court employees for other duties.

This program costs the court nothing, as all costs are borne by the payer, and the fees are reasonable when compared to the on-line program that is available to the court.

The Montana legislature has authorized courts to outsource all collection activity to private entities.  Collection Bureau Services has been handling Montana court collections since 2001, so you can be confident that a partnership with CBS’s AUTOPAY program will be a benefit to your bottom line, while also maintaining the respect for the citizens of Montana that they deserve.