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CBSTired of feeling buried by time-pay or installment plan processing duties? If so, then our AUTOPAY program is what you are looking for.


Our AUTOPAY program can be applied to medical bills, court fines and any monies owed to your business that are not past due, but rather require maintenance to stay on a pre-set schedule.

AUTOPAY is a time-pay program for consumers who need to pay monies owed in installments. These time-pay accounts are a drag on accounts receivable department resources in a time when virtually every company is being asked to downsize personnel. There are two ways in which time-pay accounts take a significant amount of time and effort that could be directed to more critical activities:

  • Walk in payments must be greeted and processed by a live employee.
  • Payments that are received by mail or in person must be posted to the payers account.

The AUTOPAY program is designed to take both tasks out of your daily duties. Customers can pay at our Missoula or Billings walk-in locations, or they can mail their payments directly to us. This frees your employees for other duties.

This process is part of a strategy to reduce the number of days your dollars are in AR, increase your cash flow, and allow you to refocus staffing. Economic pressures on consumers are slowing the AR process for all businesses, and CBS looks forward to helping you take pro-active steps to address this growing trend.

This program costs your business nothing, as all costs are borne by the payer, and the fees are reasonable for consumers when compared to other programs available to your business.

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