Collection Bureau Services

Collection GuyIf you’re a merchant in Montana…………you take checks. And if you take checks, you get NSF’s, account closed, stop pay and other returned items. We know the headache: the bank fee, the bookkeeping, reversing the payments. It even happens to CBS! We can help with:

• Check Verification

When you accept a check, run it through our check reader. You will receive a response advising you whether we have any outstanding check or check service charges associated with that account. This feature alone can save you money on a daily basis. Bad check writers know that AUTOCHECK’s data base is the most current and up to date local and national repository in Montana. When they see the AUTOCHECK decal at your store, they will likely move on.

• Check Recovery

For those checks that are returned, AUTOCHECK works in conjunction with CBS to collect YOUR MONEY at no cost to you. Collected items are paid back to you at 100% of face value if collected within two years of the date written.

• Electronic Data Capabilities

With an ID and password to our protected website, you can transfer your accounts to CBS electronically assuring immediate activity and greater accuracy. All reports from CBS can be transferred electronically to you.

  • Online Management System

View and assign your accounts online, create your own reports and contact CBS staff.

  • Litigation

CBS has a fully-staffed Legal Department, including two full-time attorneys whose years of collection litigation experience guarantee you seamless, efficient legal enforcement of your accounts.

  • Information Technology Department

With a fully-staffed IT department, communications with your IT staff is greatly facilitated.

  • Automation

Collection letters, telephone attempts, and payments are electronically documented.

Several of these services and abilities are unique to CBS, and our on-line mangagement system is second to none. And if you do have a problem or question of any kind, a real human being will answer the phone and a customer service representative will work with you until your issue is resolved.

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