Collection Bureau Services

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Collection Bureau Services, Inc. is an integrated delinquent and active account collection service. With offices in Missoula and Billings, CBS has a representative who can come to your location to devise a strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

Who uses Collection Bureau Services?

  • Health Care – Hospitals, clinics, private physicians and groups
  • Government Agencies – State of Montana, county, municipal agencies and courts
  • Legal and Professional Businesses – Attorney firms, CPA’s, Psychiatrists
  • Utility Companies – Water, Gas and Electricity
  • Financial Services – Banks, Credit Unions, CPA’s
  • Property Management Firms and Individual Landlords

Why use CBS?

  • Stability – Since inception in 1976, CBS has never missed a remittance to a client.
  • Report to Credit Bureaus – CBS reports to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian.
  • National Coverage – CBS can accommodate your accounts throughout the US.
  • Experienced Staff – CBS collectors average over eight years of collection experience at CBS alone. Many have prior experience as well.
  • Legal and Litigation – CBS was the first Montana agency to hire an attorney full-time. Others have followed, but none have CBS’s full Legal Department. In fact, CBS now has two full-time attorneys on staff and appropriate supporting personnel to handle your litigation requirements.
  • IT Department – CBS has a full-time IT Department to handle your electronic account transfer issues.
  • 2 Locations in Montana – Billings and Missoula. This guarantees you convenience and immediate response to your needs. CBS also has the ability to service your accounts in all 50 states.

Collection Bureau Services, Incorporated has been a helping hand to business owners across Montana for over 30 years, making us Montana’s best choice for account recovery since 1976.

Our Mission Statement illuminates our business philosophy:

“It is the policy of Collection Bureau Services to provide our clients with collection services that are the pinnacle of those offered in Montana, to continually strive to upgrade and improve procedures to the betterment of our clients, and to do so in a legal and ethical manner that preserves the dignity and self-respect of Montana consumers.”

In short, if we provide the best possible service to you, it will ensure a relationship that is profitable to both parties. CBS is a Montana corporation, licensed to do business by the Secretary of State on May 3, 1976, and annually thereafter. We are determined to remain in Montana and are at the forefront of the collection industry here, both in terms of technology and customer service.

For past due accounts, NSF or account closed check collections, current or delinquent accounts, state, county and municipal government collections, including litigation and legal services, CBS has long been and continues to be the collection agency of choice!

Contact us today to see how we can help your accounts receivable department.

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